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2018 Year-End Awards


Grand Champion: Hayden Owens, with Chips A'Hoy



Pictured: Hayden Owens, Katie Bryan, Ava Stevens, Maya Lamers, Hailey Freidrich, Emma Sloan.

Full Placings: Hayden Owens, Chips A'Hoy, 1 and Overall Champion
Madison Dawson, Ferreux, 2 
Genevieve Stadler, Fancy Anna, 3 
Hailey Freidrich, Murphy, 4 
Ava Stevens, Two Against the World, 5 
Ava Stevens, Tough Nut, 6 
Maya Lamers, Mocha, 7
Katie Bryan, Ally, 8 
Genevieve Stadler, Saint Nicholas, 9 
Ava Stevens, Expresso, 10
Emma Sloan, Jumping Unbridled, 11


Pictured: Chad Holcomb, Lisa Myers, Kathi Hammond, Sabrina Ashworth, Cheryl Russell.

Full Placing Lisa Myers, O'Henry's Peak, 1 
Cheryl Russell, Saphyre Rayne, 2 
Lisa Myers, Zippos Gold Man, 3 
Sabrina Ashworth, Starry Night, 4 
Kathi Hammond, Action Jackson, 5 
Chad Holcomb, Perfect Idea, 6 
Bonnie Coulter, Network News, 7 
Kristin Mongonia, Startin' from Scratch, 8 
Emma Stockrahm, Fred, 9


Pros. Erin Sheets, Toby, 1 
Becky (Ilnicki) Scialdone, Tactical Discovery, 2

Grand Champion: Elizabeth Henry, with Dancin' with Thunder


Pictured: Lauren Yeagy, Emma Sloan, Maya Lamers, Addison Neumeyer, Caitlin Austin, Eva Tayor, Ava Stevens, Elizabeth Henry,

Full placing: Elizabeth Henry, Dancin' with Thunder, 1 and Overall Champion
Ava Stevens, Two Against The World, 2 
Eva Taylor, It's All About the Game, 3 
Caitlin Austin, Kineo Kaper (Fizz), 4 
Madison Dawson, Ferreux, 5 
Addison Neumeyer, Radar Control, 6 
Lauren Yeagy, Beauty in Imperfection, 7 
Emma Sloan, Bring Home the Bacon, 8 
Maya Lamers, Mocha, 9 
Addison Neumeyer, English Sparrow, 10


Pictured: Kathi Hammond, Symantha Melemed, Monica Foley. 

Full Placing: Jill O'Banion, O'Ban Joe, 1 
Kimberly Dillman, At His Best, 2 
Monica Foley, Let Us Pray, 3 
Kim Dekany, Rapid Rampage, 4 
Rita Selheim, Thomas Is Rockin, 5 
Symantha Melemed, CCS Thorin, 6 
Jackie Brown, Poppin Good Pie, 7 
Kathleen Hammond, Action Jackson, 8 
Kristin Mongonia, Startin' from Scratch, 9 
Bonnie Coulter, Network News, 10


 Chaleise Fleming and Elliot Timmons. 

Full Placing: Elliott Timmons, Trial By Fire, 1 
Chaleise Fleming, Darth Vader, 2

Grand Champion: Kathleen Neuhoff 


Pictured: Emma Sloan, Elizabeth Henry, Lauren Yeagy, Caitlin Austin, Ava Stevens, Addison Neumeyer, Eva Taylor


Pictured: Kathleen Neuhoff, Robin Thomas, Anne Varns, Sally Holman, Liz Messaglia, Monica Foley, Eric Sampson, Sam Melemed


Pictures: Shannon Pritchard, Kim Neumeyer, and Erin Sheets



Pictured: Lauren Yeagy, Elizabeth Henry, Addison Neumeyer.

Full Placing: Addison Neumeyer, Blaze, 1 
Julia Stadler, Hidden Treasure, 2 
Elizabeth Henry, Charlotte La Bouff, 3 
Lauren Yeagy, Bacardi III, 4 
Lauren Yeagy, Breitling, 5 
Elizabeth Henry, Dancin' w Thunder, 6


Pictured: Kathleen Neuhoff, Scott Owens, Liz Messaglia, Eric Sampson, Trudy Pulley, Sally Holman, Anne Varns, Lani Zabor, Symantha Melemed. Full Placings:Symantha Melemed, CCS Aragorn, 1 
Kathleen Neuhoff, Swiss Mystique, 2 
Scott Owens, Summer Knight, 3 
Liz Messaglia, Drumcconnick M, 4 
Lani Zabor, Yes Please, 5 
Anne Varns, Commemorate Bruce, 6 
Sally Holman, Wistful Silence, 7 
Trudy Pulley, Mega Tsunami, 8 
Eric Sampson, Elvis, 9


Pictured: Shannon Pritchard, Kimberly Neumeyer, Elliott Timmons, #someonewedontknow, Erin Sheets, Gina Pletch.

Full placings: Dan Kreitl, Carmango, 1 and Overall Champion
Shannon Pritchard, Puttin' On The Fritz, 2 
Gina Pletch, Beauty From Ashes, 3 
Erin Sheets, Wilderness Road, 4 
Rachel Skirvin, Brand New Key, 5 
Dan Kreitl, Horales, 6 
Elliott Timmons, Talk`s Cheap, 7 
Elliott Timmons, Foothills Field Marshall, 8 
Kimberly Neumeyer, Tempranillo, 9

Grand Champion: Elizabeth Henry, with Charlotte La Bouff

Pictured: Dorie Mayfield, Symantha Melemed, Trudy Pulley. 

Full placings: Trudy Pulley, Mega Tsunami, 1 
Symantha Melemed, CCS Aragorn, 2 
Dorie Mayfield, Gaston, 3


Pictured: Elliott Timmons, Erin Sheets, Jordan Fellers. 

Full placings: Dan Kreitl, Eezy Cruise Lad, 1 
Jordan Fellers, Cor Qualitas, 2 
Elliott Timmons, Foothills Field Marshall, 3 
Dan Kreitl, Spartagon, 4 

Erin Sheets, Wilderness Road, 5

Grand Champion: Elizabeth Henry, Charlotte La Bouff


Pictured: Elizabeth Henry, Charlotte La Bouff, 1 


Elliott Timmons, Foothills Field Marshall, 1

Grand Champion: Jordan Coy Fellers - Cor Qualitas



Educational Scholarship Winners:

Junior Educational Scholarship Winners -- Emma Sloan & Eva Taylor. 

Senior Educational Scholarship Winners: Anne Varns and Kim Neumeyer

Lifetime Achievement: Jackie and Steve Brown

2018 Tumble Dry Award: Dan Kreitl and Eezy Cruise Lad

2018 Apollo Award: Kathleen Neuhoff   (right) Liz Messaglia presenting

Wings Award: Trudy Pulley presents the inaugural award to Lisa Myers

Volunteer Awards: The IEA cannot function without our amazing volunteers. For our IEA Horse Trials Volunteers, Junior Volunteer went to Lauren Yeagy, Senior Volunteer is, of course, Joan Mayfield. IEA's Volunteer of the Year: Malcom Neumeyer and supervisor Nick

Congratulations to all on a fantastic year!

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